quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

The 4th weapon of the devil

The devil has three arms to stop the man and woman of God who are or want to go to the altar. However, there is one that is fatal, and if the man and woman of God to watch over, fall for it. 1. The first weapon of the devil is placing women in the way of the man of God, the way men and women of God. The devil does this to weaken the man or woman of God. 2. The second weapon used by the devil may even seem like a blessing from God, which is prosperity. The devil does this to the person to flourish and lose luster for the work of God on the altar, because he knows that if that person get to the altar it will burst. Note: We have to have a blessed life before going to the altar area, but without losing focus of what we want is to save souls. 3. The third weapon is the pride, because the devil can blind a person, causing not realize that she is proud, as a proud, mostly do not know that is not proud. Now let our history for you to find out which is the 4th weapon used by the devil to destroy those who do God's work. There was a pastor in a church that had success in everything he did. Had communion with God and walked in holiness, praying, fasting and reading the Bible. Wherever he went, developing the work. Moreover, many people were converted, for there was no healing, miracles, etc.. The devil, seeing this, made a reunion in hell and sent the first demon, the Dove-rotated. She told the pastor: I'm gonna get you down! The pastor soon tied to what the devil said, prayed, fasted, read the Bible, has strengthened their marriage and she left. The devil called another meeting and decided to send the Oxuavareza to fill the eyes of the pastor of material ambition. Again, the pastor prayed, fasted, read the Bible, he sacrificed everything he had and the devil fell apart. Indignant, the devil sent Oxuorgulho to fill the heart of the pastor of pride itself. But the pastor prayed, fasted, read the Bible, and humbled himself before God. And once again, the devil fell to the ground. The devil saw that all their attempts were frustrated. Angrily, decided to send those three demons that dwell in the church pastor to see where he was wrong. And there they were only studying and marking his footsteps.
One day, the three demons, even without taking anything they could use against the pastor, saw another demon to go through that church. He came from far away, slowly, using a cane, looking tired. And the three demons began to mock him. "Your old tired, what are you doing here?" And then asked his name. He looked aside, opened a side sarcastic smile and said, "My name? I am the OXUTEMPO. And you, what they do here? " And the other demons told him his mission and how they had failed so far. Then he told the three, "Wait I'm going to order when you must act." And he said, "Do not rush, because I know how to work." And that devil subtly began to act.
First, he took the time that the pastor, filling your agenda of things to do. Soon, he had no time to fast, and weakened. Then he took the time that the pastor not to read the Bible, and he no longer heard the voice of God. And without hearing the voice of God, their communion cooled. It is then that that demon gave the order for others into action. And so, that pastor who crashed, fell. The time is the 4th weapon used by the devil to cool the faith of those who do not persevere. Sometimes it makes us very busy. Sometimes he even causes a false sense of well-being, makes the struggle ceased for a time for us to arrange ourselves in faith. And this is how it brings us down. Always remember where you came from, where you left and what God has done in your life to always keep the faith. The winner is not the beginning but the ending.

No matter what you did or did not do. He hopes its call to turn it into a new life like it did on Earth.
So do not let the time weaken their faith in God, strengthen - more every day seeking his presence to your life be prosperous and you a winner.
"Be ye also patient and your hearts, since the coming of the Lord is near." (James 5:8)

OBS: Na postagem abaixo tem o texto original em Português, essa tradução em inglês foi oferecida pelo google tradutor.

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